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Carbon Free Events

In partnership with the Green Earth Appeal’s ‘Carbon Free Events’ initiative we are this year helping to offset the carbon footprint of the event by planting a fruit tree for each of the 120 exhibitors!

Green Earth Appeal Carbon Neutral Events Initiative

The initiative, which gives individuals in developing countries a chance to create a sustainable future for their community with help from businesses in more economically developed countries aims to combat climate change and poverty while protecting the natural world.

As an event which focuses on sustainability and reducing the impact of packaging on the environment this initiative is wholly in line with our environmental objectives and the fruit trees which will be planted on behalf of the Pro2Pac and Waste-Works Exhibitors will give people in Africa a chance to create a sustainable farm which not only benefits their community, but the planet too.

You can here more about the initiative - and have to opportunity to plant your own tree - when Green Earth Appeal CEO, Martin Baker takes to the Outside the Box Stage on 22 March for his session: Packaging Doesn't Have to Cost the Earth.


Carbon Free Event - Pro2Pac



Pro2Pac is the UK’s only food & drink packaging event. Together with Waste-Works and IFE, it covers the full circle from Farm to Fork to Fertiliser and Fuel - three must-attend events all under one roof.


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