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Who visits Pro2Pac?

• Food & drink processing, packaging and manufacturing professionals.
• Designers, brand owners and major retailers who are driving demand.
• A ready-made buying community of over 1,000 food manufacturers exhibiting at the neighbouring IFE.
• International manufacturers and retailers targeted through the IFE marketing campaign.

“Pro2Pac has been absolutely fantastic for us so far; we’ve had loads of good leads and enquiries. The show had already justified itself by half way through day two! The visitor profile is spot on, just the kind of companies we want to speak to. We’re really pleased.”

- Jesse Henderson, Marketing Manager, Reflex

Some of the companies who visited last time:
Pro2Pac Attendee List

“We literally haven’t stopped since the doors opened. It’s been a really busy show – but not just in terms of attracting new customers; it’s great to catch-up with existing contacts too.”

- Paul Beamish, Owner, Ravenwood Packaging

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Pro2Pac is the UK’s only food & drink packaging event. Together with Waste-Works and IFE, it covers the full circle from Farm to Fork to Fertiliser and Fuel - three must-attend events all under one roof.


  • Organised Sustainably
  • Co located withIFEWaste-Works
  • Organised by
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