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Sustainability Commitment at Pro2Pac

Sustainability is now becoming more and more embedded in many companies core activities and Fresh Montgomery is no exception.

We are constantly working towards improving how we run our activities in a commercially successful way whilst contributing towards a stronger and more just society and reducing our impact on the environment. At Fresh Montgomery we endeavour where practicable to have a positive impact on all key financial, social and environmental issues relevant to our operations. 

We have recognised that to improve the environmental credentials of our events we must work closely with venues, exhibitors and contractors to reduce waste and energy consumption at our events.   We will continue to provide advice and ideas as to how to achieve this key objective.
As a key part of our current sustainability policy we are focussing on ways in which we can improve our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and have so far embarked on the following and will be looking at ways in the future to improve this even more:

  • Our staff are actively encouraged to donate their time through a VTO (Volunteer Time Off) Policy for 3 days a year to support a charity of their choice.  
  • Our parent company Montgomery, encourage all other Montgomery companies to participate and our company in South Africa (Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery) are particularly active working with underprivileged children
  • We no longer sell Show Guides at the majority of our events and instead ask for donations to the show charity.
  • We collection food donations at the end of all our relevant events and work closely with Food Banks such as the Trussell Trust
  • In conjunction with partners we organise Charity Events alongside some of our exhibitions such as a 10K Race and a Gala Dinner, proceeds from which go to a nominated charity.

If you would like more information on any of the following:

  • our sustainability policy and activities
  • how you can exhibit more sustainably
  • how you can help us improve our CSR

 or have any general feedback, please email:

> Read our Tips & Advice for Exhibitors
> Read the Fresh Montgomery sustainability Policy

The Fresh Montgomery team collecting leftover food from
exhibitors at Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2014


Pro2Pac is the UK’s only food & drink packaging event. Together with Waste-Works and IFE, it covers the full circle from Farm to Fork to Fertiliser and Fuel - three must-attend events all under one roof.


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