Effective date: 04 May 2018

We take your privacy seriously. This Privacy Policy explains what personal information we collect and how we use it.

We encourage you to read this policy thoroughly.

Who is Montgomery and how can you contact us?

When we refer to ‘Montgomery’ in this Privacy Policy, we mean Angus Montgomery Limited, subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates.

Montgomery is the parent company of a group of companies which includes; Montgomery Events Limited, FIT Events Ltd, Specialised Exhibitions Pty Ltd, Montgomery Events Asia Ltd and Afrocet Montgomery Exhibitions and Events Ltd. The Montgomery group of companies has its corporate HQ in London, UK and its operational HQs in locations including Johannesburg, South Africa and Singapore. You can find out more about Montgomery including a list of subsidiary, joint venture and associate companies on our website at www.montex.co.uk.

Montgomery is responsible for processing the personal information you provide to us and is registered with the Information Commissioners Office in the UK under the UK Data Protection Act 1998.

If there’s anything you’re unsure about in this Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What information we collect

We will need to ask you for certain personal information to give you the best possible experience when you engage with us (via our websites or otherwise) and when you use our products and services.

We will also collect other information about you and the devices you use to access our website, or we may ask third parties to do this for us, in these cases we do so by using technologies such as cookies.

Contact information

When you enquire to exhibit, register to visit or sign up to one of our newsletters we will ask you to provide some contact information. Contact information may include some or all of the following: full name, residential address, landline phone number, mobile phone number, email address.

Where the services or products you select carry a cost, we will ask you to provide some payment information. Payment information may include some or all of the following: credit card and debit card details. This data is not stored by Montgomery.

Professional Information

We may also ask you to provide some professional information when you enquire to exhibit, register to visit or sign up to of our newsletters. Professional information may include some or all of the following: company name, company address, company email address.


For most of the services you access on our website, we will ask you to provide security information that only you will know. Security information may include some or all of the following: username, mother’s maiden name, password and memorable word.


Some of our web sites use Cookies. These are nothing more than a simple text file. They are not executable programs, and consequently it is impossible for a cookie to contain a virus, or any other application. Cookies are also very small, and you run no risk of filling your hard drive with too many cookies.

The Cookie that is placed on your computer contains only your unique reference number that is allocated by the registration process. This consists of a 4-digit number. There is no information in the Cookie that can identify you. The Cookie is only valid when you access the relevant Montgomery site.


We also collect certain data automatically from your visit to our website or use of our services. This may include (but is not limited to) some or all of the following: How you connect to the internet (including IP address), how you engage with our site, screen resolution, browser data stored on your device (such as cookies), information about the device software you are using such as internet browser and location data (city, region of the IP address you used when accessing our services).

How we use your information

We use your personal information in lots of ways to make our products and services as effective as possible.

To enable you to access our website and use our services

To accept you as a new/returning customer and continue to provide you with our products and services.

To let you know about significant changes to our products and services, terms or privacy policy

To let you know by email, post or when you log in to the site if there are significant changes to our products and services, their features, our terms, or our privacy policy.

To confirm your identity and authenticate the information you provide

As part of providing services to you we will confirm your identity and authenticate the information you provide for security purposes.

Establishing your identity is important as the services we offer are only relevant for specific audiences so we must be sure you are who you say you are. Identity checking may also involve checking the registration information you give us against information we already hold about you if you are a returning customer and potentially publicly available information about you such as from social media.

If we are unable to confirm your identity from the registration information you provide, we will let you know by using the contact details you have provided and you may then have the option to make a written application and provide further proof of your identity.

To process payments and collect arrears

We will use your information to process the payments you commit to when signing up to our services or purchasing our products and for the collection of any future payments or overdue amounts for those services or products.

To provide and improve customer support

We will use your information to be able to provide and improve the customer support we provide to you (e.g. when you have questions or when you forget your log-in information).

To send you service communications

We will use your information to contact you to tell you about changes to or issues affecting the products or services you are taking.


We will use your information for marketing purposes such as if we think one of our products, services or offers, or those of our third party partners, may interest you, we or they may contact you about them by email, SMS, on the phone or through the post.

You can opt out of marketing communications at any time by following the instructions in the email or SMS or by contacting us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Market research

Montgomery may select particular customers and invite them to be involved in market research. If you accept this invitation, we will use the feedback you give us to improve our products and services.

Administration of prize draws, competitions, membership offers, surveys and other promotional activities

From time to time we will run prize draws, competitions, promotions and surveys and, we will use the personal data you provide to us, to run such activities and to do what we agree to do as part of them.

Internal Training Purposes

We may use your information to ensure that our team has the best knowledge and expertise they need to ensure we provide the best possible experience to our customers when interacting with us.

Reporting and analytical purposes

We will use your information for reporting and analytical purposes (e.g. how many of our customers are in the north or south of the country) to enable us to improve our products and services and to provide appropriate levels of support to our customers.

Tracking activity

We will use your information to track your activity on our websites to help us better understand your interests and how you interact with us. We may also use this information to help us detect if someone else is trying to access your account or use the services you take from us. We will also use this information to better engage with you and to ensure that you get the best service we can provide and improve our products and services in the future.

To maintain our records and other administrative functions

Like any business, we need to ensure that we maintain comprehensive and up to date records of the ways we process your personal information and other operational activities and therefore we will process the information you provide for record-keeping, updates and general administrative purposes.

Complaint and dispute resolution

Whilst we will try to make sure that you are happy with the products and services we provide and do not feel the need to complain, if you do complain to us, we will use the information we have about you to help us manage your complaint.

To comply with the law

Like any other business, we are required to comply with many laws and regulations. We will, where necessary, use your personal data to the extent required to enable us to comply with these requirements.

Email tracking

Montgomery may use performance tracking technology within our emails to improve our future interactions with you. This means we are able to capture information including (but not limited to) the time and date you open our e-mails and the type of device used to open the email.

We use this information primarily to understand whether our e-mails are opened and what links are clicked on by our customers. We then use this information to improve the emails that we send to you and the services that we provide.

Further uses of your personal information not described in this Privacy Policy

If we use your personal information for any purposes that are not set out in this Privacy Policy, we will to let you know exactly what we will use it for before we go ahead and use it and obtain your consent where appropriate.

What are the legal grounds for handling personal information?

Data protection laws require that, where we process your personal data, we must satisfy at least one prescribed condition for processing. These are set out in data protection law and we rely on a number of different conditions for the activities we carry out.