bottlesP2PHighlighting Innovation at Pro2Pac

The Pro2Pac Excellence Awards celebrated the most innovative and unique products from our 100 exhibitors this edition. 

The finalists and winners were showcased in an interactive onsite display and the winners was announced live at our 2019 event. 


✮OUR 2019 WINNER!✮

The winners of our 2019 Pro2Pac Excellence Awards were HSM for their new Profipack packaging machine. This groungbreaking piece of machinery recycles waste card board and repurposes it as a packaging and transporting tool. This machine is truly a leap ahead for the industry and sustainability. Great job to the HSM team on their well -deserved victory!



Congratulations to our deserving finalists.

Hello Straw

100% biodegradable, EU certified paper straw

Combo Excelsior®  Foldable IBC

MCG Consulting Group LLP
Universal Operator Weighing & Print Station

HSM UK Limited
HSM Profipack packaging machine

Jordan Canning
Fancy cans - decorative and durable sweets tins

Shako flexipac ltd
Box Pouch with Zipper

Phil 300 is a state of the art filling machine

Heuft ltd
Foreign Body Inspection

NutriLabel software application to manage printing labels on demand